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Our staff consists of experienced professionals with a hands-on approach to financial guidance. Not only will you find our team members knowledgeable, but you will also discover that our staff truly cares about making your dreams a reality. As your financial advisor, we will do everything in our power to keep you focused on where you want to go, advise you on how to potentially get there, and continually remind you of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to addressing your goals.

Scott Brown

Scott R. Brown

Financial Planning Assistant, LPL Registered Sales Assistant

(813) 282-0600

(813) 282-0635

Christina Brown

Christina Y. Brown

Office Manager, Client Services Assistant

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(813) 282-0635

Natalie Volpitta

Natalie J. Volpitta, CFP®

Financial Planning Assistant, Registered Admin Associate

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(813) 282-0635

Andrew Tran

Andrew Tran

LPL Registered Sales Assistant

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(813) 282-0635

A Look Into Our Process

At our financial advisory firm, we follow the comprehensive and proven CFP financial planning process. This process allows us to provide personalized and effective guidance to our clients. Here are the steps we take so that we understand your unique financial situation and develop tailored recommendations:

Step 1
Establish & Define the Scope of Work

We begin by establishing a clear understanding of your needs and expectations. Through open and transparent communication, we define the scope of our work together, which seeks to ensure that we address all relevant aspects of your financial life.

Step 2
Gather Information, Identify Values, and Set Goals

We take the time to gather comprehensive information about your financial situation, including any previous notes and conversations we have had with you. We delve into details such as annuities, advisory and brokerage accounts, employer retirement statements, college planning, family concerns, estate planning, current beneficiaries, debt, income needs, and cash reserves. Additionally, we explore your values and aspirations to gain a deeper understanding of your financial goals.

Step 3
Analyze & Evaluate the Current Status

Armed with the information we have gathered, we carefully analyze and evaluate your current financial status. This involves assessing your investment allocation, reviewing any existing accounts, and examining your overall financial health. We identify areas of strength and areas that may require attention or improvement.

Step 4
Develop Recommendations & Create Plan

Based on our analysis, we develop personalized recommendations tailored to your specific goals and circumstances. We create a comprehensive financial plan that encompasses various aspects, such as investment strategies, retirement planning, tax considerations, risk management, and more. Our recommendations are designed to help you achieve your financial objectives while aligning with your values.

Step 5
Review & Amend the Plan

We present our recommendations to you and discuss the rationale behind each one. We encourage open dialogue and welcome your feedback. Together, we review and refine the plan to ensure that it accurately reflects your goals and aspirations. We make any necessary adjustments to address your concerns and preferences.

Step 6

Once the plan is finalized, we move forward with its implementation. We assist you in executing the recommended strategies, making any necessary changes to your accounts, investments, and other financial instruments. Throughout this process, we provide guidance and support to ensure a smooth experience.

Step 7
Monitor & Review

Our commitment to your financial well-being extends beyond the initial implementation. We continuously monitor the progress of your financial plan and regularly review its performance. We stay in touch with you to discuss any changes in your circumstances, goals, or market conditions. Through ongoing monitoring and periodic reviews, we ensure that your plan remains aligned with your objectives and adapt it as needed.

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We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and help you achieve your financial goals. Contact us today to set up an appointment and take the next step towards a more confident financial future.

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